Indooor and outdoor balconies for your home

Balconies make a fantastic addition to any property. As mentioned in other sections we work with architects - taking their general drawings through to installation; but it is not unusual to work directly with the householder or property developer to realise their ideas.

We take your ideas, measure and prepare drawings then create and install balconies in steel,  stainless steel and glass.

Types of balconies

  • Full patio balconies
  • Decking balconies
  • Restoration work
  • Cantilevered balconies
  • Bedroom Juliette balconies
  • Bespoke balconies
  • Stainless steel and glass balconies

A Juliette balcony

juliette balcony

Juliette balconies mean double doors on upper floor can be safely opened to let the outside in.

Stainless steel and glass balconies

stainless steel glass balcony 3

Stainless steel and glass baclonies keep you safe and provide protection from the elements, whilst not obscuring the view. The results can be quite stunning.